Surgical insurance for horses

Protection when it matters

Horses are often our friends, sporting partners or leisure partners; their sickness can represent a heavy emotional burden for horse owners. If an operation is necessary, the treatment can quickly run up high costs.

Especially in emergency situations, such as severe colic or extensive injury, a fast decision regarding further therapy and rapid surgical treatment may be necessary to save the horse's life.

Regardless of financial background, surgical insurances can help you to decide on a therapy for the horse in such situations, as well as in other necessary, but less serious surgical interventions. These insurances provide the option to cover all or part of the costs for surgery and aftercare with one manageable monthly insurance premium.

Advantages of horse insurance in our hospital

Surgical insurance is offered by Uelzener, Allianz and R+V Versicherung, for example. Uelzen and Allianz also offer us as the hospital the possibility to settle
accounts directly with the insurance company, so that you as the horse owner do not have to pay in advance. When taking out insurance, it is important to
ensure that at least 1.5 times the rate according to GOT (‘Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte’ – fee schedule for veterinarians) is covered, as otherwise the horse owner is left to cover a large portion of the bill themselves, especially following
emergency operations. The concluded insurance’s benefits catalogue should also be compared with one's own expectations and needs.

We’ll be happy to advise you!

Do you have questions about surgical insurance or would you like detailed advice? We would be happy to discuss your questions with you and provide you with relevant information tailored especially to your horse.

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